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I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I’m a proud Latina Mom I have two boys and my Angel,  they’re 20 and 22 years old.  That’s so hard to say it feels like yesterday that I had them.   Well at least in my mind or any moms thoughts they grew up way to fast.  Being a mom was and always will be the best part of my life.  My son’s are my world, motivation, thrive, love and reason for being the best part of me. They’re what makes me complete.  Everything I want to be and everything I am is because I have them in my life.   I love them more than life itself!!!  My little angel up above my site is dedicated to you my love and know you didn’t die in vain and you will always be a part of me who I am  and in my heart & thoughts forever. You’re my Angel!!!

Family is an important part of my life I was blessed to have mine.  They can lift your spirits.  Tell it like it is bring you down tell you off.  Give you advice you may not take. Lol However you know something? At the end you will always have your family and food.  We love to cook and eat who doesn’t?    I am truly Blessed and proud to be a part of mine. I was raised to appreciate the   smaller things in life.

http://Family graphics
More Family | Forward this Graphic

I will be talking about family and traditions on my site.  I love being a Latina a NewYorican and of my Puerto Rican heritage. Take pride in what your apart of and who you are.  Some people don’t have family. Friends are important too and even when they’re far away you cherish the memories and friendship you have.    I believe in Destiny& Karma everyone pays for the bad they have done in this world!!!  Firm believer of  lies come back to bite you where the sun don’t shine.  I used to work in the Domestic Violence field helping others is my passion.  Growing up I like many have experienced a lot in my life time it’s a huge reason why I’m writing this blog.  If you care to know more ask and I shall tell…. You can reach me, follow me on twitter twitte and Facebook

From my heart 2 yours

Peace, Love, & Understanding



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