10 signs of depression:

Vida’s 10 signs of Depression:

1-Over whelming sadness. You cry and feel down most of the time even all of the time.
2-Isolate yourself from the public, keeping to yourself, always in your room, just want to be left alone.
3-You have trouble sleeping, insomnia, restless nights all you do is think, tired not feeling energetic.
4-You feel lost and alone, feeling insecure and down about yourself, like no one understands you.
5-You feel like you don’t exist, don’t want to do anything, not caring about anything,nothing really matters.
6-Feeling like you want the world to swallow you up whole,like closing your eyes and dreaming an endless dream and living in darkness forever.
7-Wanting to hurt yourself or someone else.
8-Depression is like living in your own prison.
9- Your so full of sadness and mixed emotions that it just consumes you.
10-Feeling raged full of anger, keeping everything inside (emotions). There are so many more signs only you know how you feel.


 Depression is a state of mind…

 It can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, sex, or sexuality. It can be caused by stress, loneliness, peer-pressure, rejection, lost of a love one, trauma, being bullied, abuse, domestic violence, argument, addiction, and a lot more. The worst thing you can do when you’re feeling depress is drink, take drugs, take it out on someone, or have sex because you need to escape or feel wanted, or just to feel like you exist.

Keep this in mind it’s not the people who go to a therapist, seek professional help you should worry about. It’s the ones that need it and don’t get the help!!!! That’s when you should worry. Don’t be ashamed to get help. Everyone has a destiny taking your life or someone elses is not one of them!!! Taking control of your life and moving in a positive direction is!!!! The only cure for depression is you break-away and choose to live……. Take the step and seek Professional help. That choice has to come from you!!!!!!

Help is always out there and there is always someone that’s willing to help. As alone as you may feel you’re never alone just in a different place.

Depression isn’t something you can kill. It’s something you must overcome!!!


Sites that may be helpful:



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