Something To Think About…


To everyone who has a child..

Parents, children are the most beautiful treasures in our lives.  They do the funnest things. We like to capture every moment and share them.  However when you put a video or picture of your child up on the internet so everyone can see; please remember that pedophiles are also watching.  If your going to put a video or pic up at least don’t put their names on and have them dressed not in their diapers or under clothing.

Every day somewhere in the world a child goes missing or killed.  You think it can’t happen to you but it can. 

I as parent didn’t like putting my children’s pictures  on the internet for that reason.  I felt they’re a lot of sic individuals out there.  I didn’t want to put them out there or their names feeling they would be a prey or victim and easier target for sic people to find. 

This remark is not to offend parents just to make them aware!!!!  Once you put something on line it’s every where and you really don’t know whose watching or coping and pasting.  We live in world with cruel individuals. It’s better to be safe than sorry!!!



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